Interview with Josep Mª Ferrer, data intelligence integrator at ULBIOS

The specialised magazine iAgua has interviewed Josep Mª Ferrer, ULBIOS data intelligence integrator, to talk about ULBIOS and its Biosensing and IoT Monitoring solutions, which offer a technological leap in the safety and healthiness of water and air circulating through the facilities of public buildings.

One of ULBIOS’ solutions is ULBIOS Water, an effective tool whose implementation enables compliance with the new guidelines on the quality of water intended for human consumption and on the health requirements for the prevention and control of legionellosis, in addition to reducing the resources allocated to its installation, increasing its useful life and strengthening its commitment to the environment.

You can read the full interview here.

2022-09-21T12:06:20+02:0021 September, 2022|
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