Ultimate Biotechnological Solution

Integration of Biosensing and
IoT Monitoring to ensure safe and healthy spaces.

The problem

The lack of real-time knowledge of water and air quality in building installations leads to a drastic reduction in the useful life of the building, problems of comfort and safety for the user, economic and energy cost overruns and a loss of assurances.

The expertise

  • 7 years interpreting data from actual installations.

  • More than 800 evaluations made of facilities.

  • Analysis of more than 200.000 data. Power BI.



Intelligent real-time analysis of the building’s water and air parameters.

“Real-time big data analysis enables us to be energy efficient, to exploit the full capabilities of the installation.”



Data correlation and processed information sample for the user.
Global, unbiased and trusted vision.


  • ULBIOS present at the presentation of the CWP digital partner solutions catalogue

    24 October, 2022
  • ULBIOS participates in the Valencia Hospital Engineering Seminar

    11 October, 2022
  • Interview with Josep Mª Ferrer, data intelligence integrator at ULBIOS

    21 September, 2022
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