The government has recently announced some of its urgent measures to guarantee efficiency and energy saving included in Royal Decree 14/2022.

These first measures include the modification of Technical Instruction 3.8 of the Regulation on thermal installations in buildings (RITE) (RD 1027/2007) on the air conditioning of administrative buildings, offices, shops and cultural spaces, department stores, hotels, cinemas and buildings used for passenger transport. Initially, this instruction stated that the temperature shall not be higher than 21°C in heated enclosures and not lower than 26°C in refrigerated enclosures. This new RD modifies these parameters, limiting air conditioning to a minimum of 27°C in summer and heating to a maximum of 19°C in winter.

At Ulbios, the IoT monitoring technology platform has the Ulbios Air device, which meets all the requirements of this new regulation, obtaining continuous readings of air data in real time, thus guaranteeing healthiness in public buildings and giving you the control to ensure air quality. This is a matter of particular relevance in building installations of the large tertiary sector for the healthcare area, the hotel sector and in leisure activities; generally, wherever there are large numbers of people.

The developed sensor system that makes up the Ulbios Air product is a major innovation in linking the critical parameters for determining air quality and, at the same time, obtaining the data in an intelligent way. The system manages to connect the CO2control variables, the temperature and air humidity, combined with particles.

In addition, the monitoring performed by Ulbios Air makes it possible to have information panels in which these established measures are applied, with information in real time, a personalised alert or monthly reporting system, thus responding to other issues raised in this RD and in its article 29, which requires having information screens for air temperature and humidity in enclosures with a surface area of more than 1,000 m2 (at a rate of one device per 1,000 m2 ), showing the air temperature and relative humidity recorded at any given time and located in a visible place frequented by the people who use the premises.