Ulbios has recently signed up to the Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) cluster, which brings together companies and research centres focused on the water treatment business throughout its life cycle and whose mission is to improve the global competitiveness of its members.

Through this strategic alliance Ulbios will have access to the different areas of activity of the cluster, in the field of innovation, internationalisation, training,  knowledge and networking, which will allow it to interact with other sectoral partners and make its experience and solutions known to the other members of the Catalan water cluster.

Ulbios stands out for providing biosensing and IoT monitoring solutions with the Ulbios (Ultimate Biotechnological Solution) technology platform, which offers a technological leap in the health and safety of the water and air circulating through building installations of the tertiary sector, thanks to the Ulbios Water and Ulbios Airsystems.

This Ulbios value proposition is characterised by security, increasing the level of trust and safety of the user; by sustainability, applying technology to maintain and manage secure buildings without damaging the facilities; by increasing the durability of the assets and reducing the environmental impact; and by energy efficiency, thanks to the BIG DATA analysis of the building’s water and air in real time.