Ulbios delivered a speech at the Ágora Madrid Platform StartUps space, held this week in Madrid, to present its technology platform to attendees from European and Latin American companies.

Laura Sánchez, CEO of Ulbios, gave a presentation explaining the integration of biosensing and IoT monitoring with the Ulbios (Ultimate Biotechnological Solution) technology platform, which offers a technological leap in the health and safety of the water and air that circulates through the facilities of buildings in the tertiary sector, thanks to the Ulbios Water and Ulbios Air systems.

This Ulbios value proposition is characterised by:

  • Increased security and trust of the user.
  • Sustainability, applying technology to maintain and manage safe buildings, without damaging the facilities, extending the useful life of assets and reducing the environmental impact.
  • Energy efficiency, thanks to BIG DATA analysis of the building’s water and air in real time.

Ulbios‘ participation in the Ágora of Madrid Platform has helped it to connect with companies from different countries in Europe and Latin America interested in its technology, and thus boost its project at an international level.